The Cabinet du Champ de Mars provides psychological support for children, teenagers and adults. We specialise in psychotherapy, counselling, and psychological evaluations and testing, offering appointments from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

Consultations can be held in English, French, and Portuguese by trilingual therapists.

 Counselling and Psychotherapy

The motivation to see a psychologist arises at different moments in life. It may sometimes be triggered by the need of support thought a difficult time or simply by the wish to find a neutral space to be able to vent and to reevaluate one's choices. Professional assistance provides individuals with  support as well as the opportunity to "take a step back" and analyse one's behaviour and psychological patterns in order to overcome certain obstacles in life. 

At Cabinet du Champ de Mars we welcome children, preteens, adolescents and adults for long and short term counselling and psychotherapy sessions as well as psychological and cognitive evaluations. Our consultations are free of judgment and our patients benefit from the experience of kind and motivated therapists. At Cabinet du Champ de Mars, one will find a private space to vent and learn about themselves.


Children are very sensitive to change, and that is why we provide psychotherapy sessions to offer them support through difficult transitions (grief, parents' divorce, entering middle school, birth of a younger sibling, moving, starting a new school...). We also encourage them to express themselves freely and to voice their fears and concerns. Anxiety can emerge in different manners, as for instance through nightmares, enuresis, tics, separation difficulties, and behavioural issues, and that is why psychological care is in some cases essential. Certain children also need a more constant and extensive follow-up as they experience significant difficulties (depression, anxiety disorders, phobias...). Youngsters learn more about themselves and their behaviour through games and activities tailored for each age group. They are taught and encouraged to find words to describe their feelings and are given the tools they need to better manage their anxiety. Having a close relationship with families is an essential part of our work with the children. Every session lasts 45 minutes and free meetings with the parents are regularly scheduled.


Adolescence is a difficult time, where youngsters are confronted with many changes, which can sometimes be quite overwhelming. We have therefore put in place sessions that are tailored for them, and that aim at helping them cope with this wonderfully confusing period! Confidentiality and respect for one’s age and personality are fundamental values to us. Teens find a neutral space where they can express themselves freely and where they are guided to better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We provide them with the tools they need to overcome their difficulties and to improve their self-confidence. We also offer psychological support for teenagers going through particularly difficult times (grief, parents' divorce, moving...) as well as for adolescents suffering from specific psychological difficulties (depression, phobias, anxiety disorders, tics, enuresis...). We work closely with families while preserving the confidentiality of our sessions with the patient. Consultations last 45 minutes and free sessions with the parents are regularly scheduled.


We also offer short and long term counselling and psychotherapy for adults. The aim of these sessions is to bring to light each person’s difficulties and to help them overcome these obstacles. Therapy guides the patient in their pursuit of personal development and insight. The motivation to start therapy can come from a difficult period in life, or simply by the wish to change. Our psychologists are also available to provide support during particularly difficult and painful times. Individuals will find more motivation and self-confidence as well as in-depth understanding about themselves. We specialise in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders (generalised anxiety, phobias, insomnia...). Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Multiculturalism and adaptation difficulties

We are particularly sensitive to matters related to multiculturalism (adjustment, moving, etc.). Providing support for foreigners and expatriates is therefore a concern that we take to heart. Leaving one’s country and starting a new life at a new city, surrounded by a different language and culture, is an extraordinary adventure which may, sometimes, bring about difficulties. At our practice we offer psychological support aiming at assisting these adventurers to ease into their new lives. We have experience with multicultural individuals and families.

Psychological and Cognitive Evaluations

The Cabinet du Champ de Mars offers cognitive assessments (IQ testing) and psychological evaluations for children and adults from 6 to 79 years of age. 

Sometimes requested by a psychiatrist, a school psychologist or a general practitioner. psychological evaluations can help us better understand the intellectual and emotional constitution of each person, as well as their developmental stage. This evaluation gives teachers and parents valuable information that enables them to adapt to each child’s needs, and provides adults with a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation is also important in giving us information about each person's emotional state; for this reason the Cabinet du Champ de Mars offers complete assessments composed of cognitive and psychological tests.

For all psychological and cognitive evaluations we propose a first meeting aimed at assessing the necessity of the evaluation as well as orienting adults and children towards the right test for them. During this session the clinician will answer questions and reassure children and adults, which very often has a positive impact in their performance on the test. We also provide a consultation after the analysis of the results in order to help better understand our findings. 

Psychological Assessment

The evaluation consists of internationally renowned personality tests; the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), the Children’s Apperception Test (CAT) and the Rorschach, sometimes referred to as the "inkblot test". These tools allow us to evaluate personality traits as well as psychological functioning. It helps psychologists better understand each person's anxieties and psychological difficulties, as well as identifying certain disorders. The Rorschach is very often used in association with the TAT for adults, and with the CAT for children. Each test is administered during a session lasting one to one and a half hours with the clinician. Our psychologists are qualified and specialised in the administration of these tests, that cannot be dispensed by every clinical psychologist. They are also members of the Francophone Rorschach and Projective Methods Society.

Cognitive Evaluation (IQ test)

For children and teenagers from 6 to 16 years old we offer the WISC-IV test, one of the most recognised IQ tests in the world. The WISC allows psychologists to obtain important information about children's cognitive functioning in different areas in order to better understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as to detect potential attention and concentration deficits. We are used to working closely with different schools and we can therefore propose a specific report aimed for the use of teachers and schools if you wish. The administration of the WISC is done in two sessions for younger children and in one session for older ones and the total duration is approximately two to three hours. The WISC-IV is available in French and in English. At the Cabinet du Champ de Mars, we are mindful of the impact that a psychological evaluation may have on a young person’s life. Our evaluations are thus carried out with the therapeutic objective of helping children develop their strengths and understand their difficulties, instead of simply focusing on numbers.

Adults and teenagers above 17 years of age are administered the WAIS-IV, one of the most renowned IQ tests in the world. As for the children, this test enables us to identify each person's strengths as well as their biggest challenges. It gives us a global view of the intellectual functioning of adults. The WAIS is administered in one session, lasting approximately two hours. Our psychologists are trained and experienced in administering and analysing cognitive tests, which cannot be dispensed by every clinical psychologist.  We now offer this test in French and will soon make it available in English as well, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Rates and Payment

  • Psychological evaluations cost 450,00 euros.

  • Cognitive assessments (IQ test) are charged 400,00 euros. A 50,00 euros supplement will be charged for urgent requests (when the report is needed less than 15 days after the test).

  • Complete psychological assessments, comprising personality and cognitive tests are charged 650,00.

  • Additional reports (for schools, for example) cost 30,00 euros.

Our assessment rates include a first meeting, the testing sessions, the analysis of the results and the elaboration of a report, and a last consultation during which the results are explained.


We accept payments by cash and cheques.


Unfortunately psychologists' fees are not reimbursed by French Social Security and we regret not being able to propose this to you. Nevertheless some health insurances offer reimbursement for our services, so please check with your health care provider for more information.