Two dynamic clinical psychologists work at the Cabinet du Champ de Mars. Both of them have multicultural academic and personal backgrounds, which include the culture and language of several countries such as France, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, the USA, and Finland. They are part of a wide network of other French and international English speaking professionals (psychiatrists, paediatricians, speech-therapists...). Their diverse education background provided them with a comprehensive understanding of different methods and points of view in psychology. You can find out a little more about each of them below.

C. Porto

C. Porto is a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist working with children, teenagers and adults at the Cabinet du Champ de Mars. She offers psychotherapy and psychological tests and evaluations in English, French, and Portuguese (Brazil). She also works at the CMPP (centre medico-psycho-pédagogique) MGEN, a medical psychological and pedagogic center for children and teenagers; this institution is part of the Parisian health care system.

C. Porto is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist listed in the French national ADELI database; the register of all licensed professionals in the field, established by the French health administration (the Agence Regionale de Santé – ARS)

C. Porto is a member of the Francophone Society of the Rorschach and Projective Techniques.

C. Porto has co-authored researches published in England and in the United States.

Academic background
After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the American University of Paris (AUP), C. Porto pursued a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology at the renowned Paris V Descartes University where she later obtained a specialization degree in Projective Testing. During her 8 years of studies and training, C. Porto has worked in various institutions such as hospitals and centers.


K. Hayashi-Bonnecuelle is a clinical psychologist working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples at Cabine du Champ de Mars. She offers psychotherapy in English and Japanese.

License and certificate
K. Hayashi-Bonnecuelle is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in France (Numéro ADELI: 75 93 5797 3). She is also a certified clinical psychologist by Japan clinical psychologists association, and a licensed professional counselor in Illinois, United States.

She is a member of the Japanese certified clinical psychologists association. She is also a member of Division 39 psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association.

She published her researches in the United States.

Academic background
After receiving a BA degree in International Studies at University of Tsukuba, Japan, She obtained Masters’ Degree in Clinical Counseling and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, United States. She worked at university counseling centers, hospitals, clinics and her private practice in Japan and the United States.